IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal RN

Critical Care Training Center is now offering our IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal course for RN certification in Los Angeles. Upon completing this course, RNs will be certified in IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal, and authorized to offer this service in their practice.

This 24-hour course is classroom-based, since online or at home courses are no longer recognized. In any case, it’s hard to argue against the idea that classroom instruction is the best way to upgrade skills, practice, and learn.

This course consists of 12 hours over two days. Lunch and breaks will, of course, be offered, but will not form part of the 10-hour daily training schedule. The course will be taught by experienced ER doctors and trauma RNs, so that students will receive the best available information, and learn the shortcuts that come from real life experience.

In order to be sure that students are at ease during the practical aspects of the course, possible complications and safety issues will be covered. Then, if desired, students can practice blood withdrawal and IV techniques on one another on the final day of class.

Students who would like to practice the techniques of IV therapy and blood withdrawal, but who might be uncomfortable with being practiced upon, can bring someone who isn’t uncomfortable with them on the final day.

Come and mix with your fellow RNs in a stress-free, friendly learning environment. Chat with ER doctors and trauma nurses (you can bet they have some stories to tell!), and earn 20 CEHs (Continuing Education Hours). We look forward to seeing you in class!

Students will learn using the very latest equipment, and topics covered may include (among others) the following:

  • Business and Professions Code requirements
  • Infection control
  • Patient psychological preparation
  • Blood withdrawal methods (venipuncture, kin puncture and arterial puncture) and how to select the right method
  • Complications
  • Safety
  • Advanced theory (PICC, central line and pump maintenance)
  • Preparing withdrawal sites
  • Preparing equipment for blood withdrawal
  • Choosing the withdrawal site
  • Choosing the right blood withdrawal device
  • Preparing the equipment

Course Fee: $280

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