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Essay by: ISP099   

Picture your grandfather standing at the bus stop. He’s on his way to the race track and getting excited about the day. However, his heart decides to go into some crazy arrhythmia. He clutches his chest and keels over. The other folks waiting at the bus stop look horrified. One calls 911, one starts chest compressions the way he saw someone on TV do once. These compressions may move a little blood around, but Grandpa will die or at least suffer brain damage if his heart doesn’t recover soon. A teenager notices that there’s an AED installed on the wall of the bus stop shelter. He grabs it and turns on the power. The AED gives step by step instructions on how to save Grandpa’s life, and by the time the paramedics arrive, Grandpa’s heart is back in a healthier rhythm and he has regained consciousness.

Grandpa will live to go to the racetrack another day, thanks to the availability of the AED.

Public Service Announcements and advertisements could educate people about how easy it is to use an AED, and the city council might decide to allocate some money to install some AEDs around town. The cost would probably be minimal. Maybe families or organizations could “sponsor” an AED. It’s an idea worth trying. Just ask Grandpa.

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