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There exists a widely held belief that with His very own breath, God breathed life into man. Man’s capability to breathe the breath of life into another is possible as well, though, not in sense to create but rather to resuscitate victims following a cardiac arrest episode. Due to the rapid decline in these victims’ condition, the initiation of CPR should be prompted immediately. Often, however, healthcare personnel do not arrive on time and the lives of these victims are left in the hands of those nearby. This is why the nurse’s role as a community teacher to promote CPR awareness for Lay Rescuer is of paramount significance.

In order to communicate this to the community, I must first form or join a committee that consists of a multidisciplinary team and collaborates with the hospitals in the region. This committee, whose primary mission will be to promote CPR awareness in the community, would serve as a support system and platform to formulate courses of actions that could be implemented through means of public events, such as fundraising campaigns, health conferences, and health fairs. At the fundraising campaigns, survivors of cardiac arrest who were rescued by Lay Rescuers will take on the role as key note speakers in order to stress the ramifications of CPR. I will also speak at these events to exhort other healthcare providers from the community as well as those neighboring communities to promote CPR awareness in their area. Meanwhile, at health fairs, I will offer demonstrations of proper CPR techniques and pass out business cards containing information on CPR certified facilities that offer classes. As these courses of actions continue to be carried out in the years to come, the increase in CPR awareness would result, which in turn would give rise to more Lay Rescuer.

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