Chris Mancillas started working for Critical Care Training Center in October 2015. He was informed about the role through a fellow CCTC instructor. He has 2 years of teaching experience working in school settings. He has helped train emergency medical technicians. At Critical Care, Chris instructs in the BLS (Basic Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advance Life Support) courses. He holds a CPR teaching credential, and he is trained as an EMT. When Chris was taking CPR classes, he volunteered for the Fire Department, and this is when he discovered that he wanted to be a fireman. At this volunteer event, he experienced a real life vehicle collision, and he realized that he had a natural ability to help people stay calm. He was able to reassure the public that the situation was under control. Therefore, Chris Mancillas aspires to be a Firefighter.

He has provided over 500 hours of volunteer service, and accomplished a 24-ride along requirement. He has passed several physical and mental tests in his pursuit to becoming a fire fighter. As a Firefighter, Chris assures people that he is there to help, and this essential skill transcends in his teaching style. He genuinely wants to help students be the best they can be while learning and pursuing professional careers. Chris appreciates the environment and instructors at Critical Care Training Center. What makes his job worth it is helping students with goals, and in turn, the students show their appreciation. Overall, teaching and firefighting are his main priorities in life. His motivation is to give back, and Chris follows this motto, as follows: learn it, know it, do it, and teach it. And when taking his BLS and PALS course, he encourages all of his students to have a fun time.