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In order to promote Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) awareness, the key lies within spreading the message to the most amount of people. Our biggest challenge begins with breaking the image of what the general public envisions what performing CPR entails. In order to accomplish this goal we must go on an education campaign explaining that you no longer have to do mouth to mouth, but the importance of Hand-Only TM CPR.

At my University, we are placed in the ringer with learning new material subjects every 9 weeks. On average each cohort is at least 100 students, that means that in any given year at least 500 students have taken a particular class. If we can somehow add a project into the student curriculum, say when we are taking Public Health Nursing or any course subject then we can further spread our message. The project would entail that students go out and educate at least five of their closest friends and family members, this can be done via phone, text, in-person or social media. The student must then show proof and right a short paper on their reactions when told of the new guidelines for CPR. The curriculum change does not have to be isolated to my University, but can be implemented state wide as well.

The power of word of mouth cannot be overlooked as one mind becomes enlightened, soon many more will follow. By spreading the message by word of mouth we can reach the greatest amount of people, while being cost-effective at the same time. In one year’s time we will exposed at least 2500 people, and the goal is to have those people pay it forward and relay the message onto others.

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