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Sometimes in nursing practice, in the midst of passing meds on time or fulfilling continuing education credits, we lose sight of just how much power we have to be a voice for change in our communities – a voice that helps people realize the power they have to help themselves and others around them live better, longer, healthier lives.

In an emergency situation, of course tensions are high, and many onlookers have probably heard about CPR but are too afraid of doing it wrong to jump in. I truly believe that people in our communities – not just healthcare professionals – are unselfish and altruistic at heart and have a desire to help. As nurses, we can use our power to educate and empower communities to step up when they are needed.

In a day and age where social media runs rampant, it may be an ally to supporters of public health. We have an ability to reach people quickly and easily in a way that previous generations of nurses haven’t. Smalls acts such as making brief YouTube videos about proper CPR technique to share on our social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, even humorous videos set to music, may be enough to catch attention and draw in viewers from those networks. Could you resist a video set to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”? With any luck, a catchy CPR mnemonic set to music could stick in someone’s head and give that person the basic knowledge to at least preserve a life enough to call for help when an emergency arises.

As nurses in the age of social media, we have the power to make good health go viral.

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