If you are a future healthcare provider still waiting for your diploma and are interested in winning an interactive scholarship with Critical Care Training Center (CCTC), then try your hand at writing an essay based on the prescribed topic that is found in www.acls123.com. Who knows, you might just win a scholarship worth a thousand dollars.

All essays that are submitted must go through a basic selection process.

  • Essays must be written according to the topic given by Critical Care Training Center (CCTC).
  • Once the entries have all been submitted, CCTC instructors will then select 20 of the most creative and relevant essays out of all the entries.
  • Once the 20 essays have been selected, they will be posted online so that the contestants whose essays were selected can share the link via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any social networking site. This will let the public see and read the essays so that they may vote for the best one.
  • CCTC instructors will then select the five essays which have the most number of community votes.
  • The five essays with the highest number of votes will be forwarded to the CNSA Board Members who will select one essay that is worthy of winning the interactive scholarship given by CCTC.


Interactive Scholarship Program Process



The scholarship funds will be sent via check as specified by the recipient, unless another agreement is reached between Critical Care and recipient.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to specify the preferred payment method and provide the necessary payment information (valid mailing address) upon agreeing to accept the Critical Care Scholarship award offer and have the means to receive funds via method selected.  Critical Care is not responsible for scholarship funds that are lost or stolen once the applicant has accepted the award offer.