1. Introduction

CCTC is known for its periodic scholarship program awarded to CNA students throughout California. Known for its courses in ACLS, BLS, CPR, PALS, ECG, and Pharmacology, CCTC is a renowned training center certified by the American Heart Association. The scholarship offered is an essay writing contest where the winner is chosen by the CCTC board. The contest is open to any CNA Student in California who is currently enrolled in a college or university.

2. Eligibility

To receive a scholarship payment you must meet the eligibility requirements. At the closing of the contest, you will be assessed for your eligibility. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria at the time of assessment your scholarship may be terminated. Criteria is as follows:

• Must be a CNA student in the state of California
• Must provide name and phone number of school
• California Resident
• Must be current CNA student at an accredited institution
• Must provide proof of current enrollment in CNA school

World’s first Interactive Scholarship Program has been designed to financially assist Certified Nurse Assistants throughout California. Process is simple:

I. Submit your essay on relevant topic at www.ACLS123.com
II. Once your essay is selected, start sharing for more amount of votes
III. Five essays with most amounts of vote will be forwarded to CCTC who will determine the winner.

Basic Selection Process:

I. All submitted essays are evaluated by Critical Care Training Center Instructors for relativity and creativity.
II. Only 20 essays will be marked as eligible per scholarship.
III. You will be notified via email if your essay is selected
IV. Must be APA format – 6th Edition
V. Must Contain relevant/creative Title

3. Media

If you are a scholarship recipient then you must conform with the following:

1. CCTC can take photographs and videos of you or use any image of you that is in relation to the scholarship.
2. CCTC can use any of your written material that is in relation to the scholarship
3. Acknowledgment of CCTC’s right, title, and interest in or relating to any scholarship written material you have produced in order to promote Critical Care Training Center, Sponsors of Scholarships or any of CCTC’s activities.

4. Privacy and Confidentiality

CCTC will ask for information from you which it will use for purposes of determining your eligibility to receive a scholarship. Other purposes of collecting information will be for administrative use that relates to your application. This will be compiled for documentary purposes only. CCTC assures that your confidentiality will be respected throughout all the stages of the application process.

5. Termination of Scholarship

A scholarship will be awarded to you based on the information you’ve provided to CCTC. That being said, any information that is found to be false or fabricated may result in the withdrawal of your scholarship.

If you provide false or misleading information in your supporting documents but have already received the scholarship, CCTC can take legal or disciplinary action. Altering official documents may also result in legal or disciplinary action.

Prior to payment you will be asked to provide:

  • Copy of an Identification
  • Proof of School Enrollment
  • Photo
  • Mailing Address

Unable to provide information requested above is grounds for termination of the scholarship program.

6. Grounds for Terminating a Scholarship Include:

• Discontinuing your nursing program or failing to enroll in a program.
• Failing to meet the eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
• Providing false or misleading information when applying for the scholarship or once accepted into the scholarship program.
• Being formerly suspended or excluded for misconduct from any college or university in which you were enrolled or are currently enrolled.