Critical Care Training Center the best place to get your ACLS, BLS, PALS, CPR, ECG and Pharmacology certificates is proud to announce the Interactive Nursing Scholarship winners. Here are our previous scholarship winners. If you are a nursing student and would like to participate in our scholarship, read our process and submit an essay.


Name: Victoria Marie Conlu
Award: $1000
Essay: Good Health Going Viral

Excerpt: Sometimes in nursing practice, in the midst of passing meds on time or fulfilling continuing education credits, we lose sight of just how much power we have to be a voice for change in our communities – a voice that helps people realize…Read More



Name: Spencer Cho
Award: $2500
Essay: The Next Big Thing

Excerpt: From the ancient times to modern days, simulation has been used as a tool for mankind to hone their skills in a controlled environment. In today’s nursing education, the role of simulation is used to bridge the gap from the textbook to real life…Read More



Name: Undecided
Award: $2500
Essay: Undecided

Excerpt: Undecided

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