IV Therapy and Blood
Withdrawal LVN Online

Critical Care Training Center is offering online IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal course for LVN certification in Los Angeles. The course is BVNPT (Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians) approved in California for LVNs. Upon successful completion, all LVNs will be certified in IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal, which will authorize them to offer this service in their practice.

This is the perfect opportunity for LVNs to upgrade their professional accreditation, meet and mingle with their peers, and swap stories in a friendly, stress-free learning environment.

Online IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal is a 3-day, 36-hour course that is delivered in a hybrid version. The lecture portion of the class will be completed online, while the skills portion will be completed in class.

Day 1: 12-hour online IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal lectures, videos, and examDay 2: Skills TrainingDay 3: Skills Training

To pass, students will need to demonstrate, IV insertions and Blood Withdrawals successfully. Students will practice inserting IVs and drawing blood on one another. Students who, for whatever reason, would prefer not to have these procedures performed upon them, can bring someone with them for the clinical portion of the course.

Online IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal course are conducted by trauma RNs and ER doctors who bring with them a high level of real-life experience. Students will learn best practices, shortcuts, and, no doubt, hear many interesting stories!

Course Contents:

  • Indications for blood withdrawal and IV therapy
  • Infection control
  • Blood withdrawal methods (venipuncture, kin puncture, and arterial puncture) and how to select the right method
  • Complications
  • Legal aspects

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