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There are many views on what being a registered nurse (RN) means. There are some children that assume we love to inflict pain by giving shots, while some adults take our jobs for granted and defy our aid and opinion. Some take being an RN as just a paycheck while some relish in the reward of helping others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse “ provides and coordinates patient care, educates patients and the public about various health conditions, and provides advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.” I personally agree with this definition of what is within our scope of practice as nurses.

As a registered nurse, I would promote CPR awareness for a Lay Rescuer in the community by holding services workshops to educate those who may need it, such as teachers, constructions workers, or in a general workplace. I find that a great amount of individuals respond to visual and interactive activities and the word “free”. With this knowledge, I will definitely use those elements with the service workshop offered in my community. I would have a group of hard working individuals work with me and go to different schools, businesses, or even restaurants and hold an interactive and free workshop on CPR awareness. I also believe that it is important to start young and instill this information within our younger generation. No one is ever too young to save lives. In addition to moving my program around for the employees of various workplaces, we would also have a “kid-friendly” workshop for all ages! Being a lay rescuer within a community is one of the greatest achievements anyone can obtain, because knowing that you can save someone else’s life with your own two hands is a powerful act of courage.

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