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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a very important skill that every person should know how to perform. You never know when you will need to provide this to another person. To promote the awareness of this very important and easy to learn skill, I would, in connection with the American Heart Association, set up workshops in the community for people to come and learn how the skill is performed and why it is so important. I would travel to high schools and to businesses in my area to set up CPR days and teach to as many as I could.

I would target community members as well who are at a great need for the information such as, new parents, family members of people who have respiratory issues or heart problems. I would also target teenagers and young adults.

Every new parent really needs to know how to do CPR for their new young baby and they need to come and learn the skills because it is not the same as an adult. Some infants are at high risk for respiratory issues due to low birth weight or early delivery. People who live with or people who know others who have respiratory or heart issues should learn how to perform CPR as well. You never know when you may need to save a life of a loved one. I would target teenagers and young adults just for the mere fact that these are the folks that you usually see out on the lake getting their groove on with the water and sun. This group of individuals is at a higher risk for heart attacks, drowning, and heat stroke as well as carbon monoxide poisoning. If you swim, you should learn CPR.

I truly believe that nursing is a career where nurses are dedicated to teaching. CPR would be a wonderful topic to teach because it is useful to every individual on the planet.

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