Roy K.


Roy Kassebaum started working for Critical Care Training Center in 2015. He has been teaching for 22 years and finds fulfillment in his job. Roy teaches the math preparation section for the Test of Essential Academic Skills examination. He attended Cal State University Northridge. He has a Bachelors in Arts degree with an emphasis in Mathematics. Roy’s style of instruction is engaging, and he gives students the needed formulas to excel with high scores. He also teaches History. In addition, Roy Kassebaum has taught in both the private and public school settings.

His professional background makes him a dynamic instructor; he focuses solely on the betterment of his students. Roy values being the best he can be for his students, and he enables individuals to progress in their goals. He finds joy working as an Instructor, as he is able to help a motley of adult learners advance. Roy’s experiences at Critical Care Training Center is unique, and he is appreciative of the role. When he is not teaching, he spends time with his family and his hobbies include: hiking and running.