ECG-EKG Technicians
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Essay by: CCTC-162

Loud beeps, constant bleeps, and pages for staff members over the loudspeaker are typical sounds you hear in a hospital. A trip to the hospital is rarely the result of something fun. It is usually a last resort to a life threatening situation. Being surrounded by strangers and medical machines is a nerve racking position for anyone, especially for a child. It is essential to have a team of dedicated medical professionals who know how to interact with these precious patients. An ECG/EKG technician is a vital part of that team.
Having worked with special needs children in a school setting for the last 17 years, I have gained unmeasurable insight into how to deal with children who are unable to, unmotivated, or unwilling to cooperate with a given situation. One would think working with special needs students is hard. Although it is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining, it is also the most rewarding and exciting experience anyone can have. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students identified as having special needs. These students have had a vast diversity of needs. These needs include students who had difficulty in retaining new information, students with physical disabilities and students who were emotionally disturbed.
My experiences will not only be an invaluable asset in working with patients and their family members, but they will also help in dealing with other medical staff members. An ECG/EKG technician must work closely with nurses who must multitask and delegate patient needs. The same technician will also have to relay accurate and precise information to doctors. Being this key member on a medical team is the next step in my life. A step that I hope will lead to working with children in a hospital setting.