ECG Monitor Technician
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Essay by: CCTC-163

My name is Karen Gutierrez, I am 29 years old. The reason I chose the ECG Monitor Technician program is because I am looking for a career that pays well so I can finish my Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I have been in the Acupuncture program since 2012 but have been going to classes part time and working. Since I am currently paying my way through Acupuncture school, my plan is to work as an ECG monitor technician three days a week and that would give me the schedule flexibility to keep attending my classes and clinic shifts. I plan on being an ECG technician for quite some time as in the process of building my Acupuncture clientele, I would like a steady job with flexible schedule. I feel this will work perfectly as I could work as an ECG technician while slowly building my practice. I had my first child in January 2017 and she has completely changed my life. I love my little family and I would like to be an example of perseverance for my daughter. I have been working hard to finish Acupuncture school but with the limited salary I have as a receptionist, I am looking for something that will make me enough money so I can pay for classes in a timely manner, I would like steady income to support my family. My ultimate goal is to work as an ECG tech for as long as I need while I set my business, which I plan on naming Blue Lotus Acupuncture. I plan on specializing in fertility as well as prenatal and post par-tum care. I believe working in an hospital will give me more insight from a Western medical perspective which will in turn make me a better practitioner to help my future patients. Every experience gives you new skills in life and I think that is what I will learn as an ECG Monitor Technician