ECG Technician
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Essay by: CCTC-159

I decided to become an ECG Technician because of what happened to me on July 11, 2016. I went in for a routine myomectomy in the morning and three hours later I was in the recovery room experiencing a lot of pain, so the nurse gave me pain medication. Immediately, I experienced dizziness, difficulty breathing with chest pains and was unable to speak. All of a sudden I heard a code for rapid response and people were surrounding me to obtain my vitals and giving me oxygen. Then I heard a calm voice say, Ms. Madison, “I am going to perform an ECG to check your heart.” I was nervous, and all I could see were fast paced movements around me.
In the midst of everything, I recall seeing the ECG technician remaining nearby to help keep me calm, while the nurses and doctors were trying to determine what was going on. Lying there in the bed having everyone reaching over you, poking you to draw blood and asking questions to check your alertness can be a very alarming situation.
I must say that the most vivid memory of my hospital stay was the care I received from the first responder team which included the ECG technician, the first one to arrive in my room. The ECG technician turned a chaotic situation into a calm and reassuring atmosphere of healing and compassionate care. This was my first time ever having the need to have an ECG performed on me. I realized from this experience that no matter what the situation, when you’re a part of the healthcare team, as an ECG technician, you must help ease the way of the patient by showing respect and compassion. As an ECG technician I will be an integral part of the healthcare team.