EKG Monitor Tech
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Essay by: CCTC-153

Have you ever had a loved one pass away? Have you ever experienced the devastating loss of someone so close due to a heart attack? I have experienced this event in my life when my father passed away due to a heart related condition. The suffering from having a loved one pass is heartbreaking and devastating. The reasons I am taking the EKG Monitor Teach class is because of my personal experience with the loss of my father, my passion of helping others, and my responsibility to others.

I grew up in Iran, a country that has less access to good health care. My father and I were very close. He took great care of my siblings and I. He became sick and we could not figure out why. Later in the process of his evaluations by physicians, we discovered he suffered from a heart attack. Since his passing, I have developed a passion about healthcare and the heart. For this reason, I chose to go into the field of EKG monitoring.

The impact that one makes on patient’s lives is essential. Empathy and kindness go a along way in helping others. Working with patients and understanding their needs is very important to help them since they are in a difficult time in their life, especially if they are hospitalized due to a heart condition. It touches my heart when I help others in need. I want to be there for the patient to answer their questions to better understand their condition.

I feel a responsibility to want to make this world a better place. I want to make a career out of this profession, to support my family and make my children proud of my accomplishments. I feel a responsibility to inform others of the risks of cardiovascular disease. I want to be a part of the changing technology today. I am dedicated to always putting the patient first and to put those in need before myself. I am committed to do my job well and also help my peers by working hand-in-hand. My ultimate responsibility is to take care of the patient and make the patient my top priority.

In conclusion, I always dreamt of working in the medical field. I have become more motivated since my father’s passing due to a heart attack. I have chosen to become an EKG Monitor Tech due to the experience of my father’s death, my passion of helping others, and my responsibility of helping people. I am excited to work with others and saving people’s lives.