EKG Technician
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Essay by: CCTC-155

Don’t follow a path of success. Make your own path of success. They say the brain is the most powerful organ in our body because it can create and destroy. No one was born a genius, no one was born dumb either. But what about the heart? The heart is the most important because it is what keeps us going. Having a healthy heart is not just something exclusively for me, it is also for the people I love. Being powerful and being important is two different worlds. But having the best of both worlds? Now that’s how you want to be on top of your game.

One of the many reasons why I enrolled to become an EKG technician is that I want to branch out of my career as an RN. I want to enhance a clinical eye to discern if the patient has more problems that is kept hidden other than the obvious manifestations. I want to develop a communication between me and the physician because gathering critical information for the physician is definitely something to be proud of someday which results to the client’s recovery. I want to be more effective as a part of the health care team. The job of an EKG technician is not just about pressing buttons, printing strips, or placing stickers. It’s about knowing the reason why we press buttons, print strips, or place stickers. Just like my professor in the class said, “Knowing the reason of our actions is what makes us humans.” I want to go beyond my capabilities, I want to go beyond of my achievements yesterday, and I want to run the extra mile in order to standout from others. It may be easy, it may be difficult, it may be just right, but no matter what skills it demands of me, I am ready.

As a key member of the health care team, giving altruistic service is the top priority. Alongside with that, it is crucial to be physically and psychologically prepared in order to maintain self-composure because the world we live in is diverse, everyone has their own thought process. As I tackle the journey ahead of me, being respectful and socially sensitive to the client’s needs is the key to build rapport. Rapport is everything, it is the first stepping stone to therapeutic communication. It helps recognize and organize information in order to come up with a new insight. With this new chapter in life, all I can say is…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!