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Essay by: CCTC-171

A little over a year ago, my father endured an overwhelming amount of pressure and pain originating from his chest. It was five o’clock in the morning and he was the only person home at the time. Although a cardiac stress test showed no concerns two years prior, my father recognized his symptoms were concerning and drove himself to the hospital. It was later determined that he had suffered a serious myocardial infarction, otherwise commonly known as a heart attack. One of the diagnostic measures used to save my father’s life was an electrocardiogram (EKG). I was surprised to learn that this quick and painless assessment would give my father’s doctors the confidence to make a diagnosis and proceed to treat my father with a stent.
In the months following my father’s heart attack, my father’s experience with the kind nursing staff and my curiosity regarding the science behind treatments led me to solidify my decision to apply to nursing school. I am currently applying to nursing schools and looking to garner healthcare experience in an acute care setting. My eventual goal is to work as a nurse in a cardiac intensive care unit so I can assist patients and families like the nurses assisted my father and family during my father’s heart attack scare.
I want to become an EKG monitor technician because I am first and foremost curious and interested in the science of cardiology care and treatment following my father’s heart attack. Additionally, working as an EKG monitor technician will allow me to garner experience in an acute care setting and support myself financially while attending nursing school. Lastly, being an EKG monitor technician will give me real life experience and knowledge that I will use to become a competent and prepared nurse within a cardiac intensive care unit in the future. I am excited and look forward to applying the knowledge that I have learned from the EKG Monitor Technician course at Critical Care Training Center. Who knew little over a year ago that my father’s eye-opening and startling experience with having a heart attack would change my life and career’s trajectory into becoming involved in acute care and cardiology.