Magificient Life Experience
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Magnificent Life Experiences

The world is full of beautiful nature and peoples. Life is so beautiful too. I never thought of myself that I will be came a nurse one day. I was helping my fried came from my country that she needs a career so am I. So went to adult school to take the assessment test to take the Nursing class. We both passed the test but I am not really interesting in the beginning. I was interesting in accounting. She asks me to take the class together. We did it together.

The class took 8 to 9 months to finish it. I was working that time. Every morning I have to wake up 6:30 to go school. I was so tired and got sick too. We went to the hospital for clinical training. We learned how to make the bed. My teacher makes me do 4 beds for one clinical day. I was sweating a lot. I learned nursing job is hard. We even saw the biggest backsore patients in the hospital. Some of my friend’s collapse and throw up. I met one patient telling me that she wanted to die and doesn’t want to live anymore. My heart broken and felt sorry for her. I told her time will tell you so I gave her comfort.

By the time pass we finished our nursing class and time to take the exam test. I passed the skill test and didn’t pass the writing test. I told myself if I didn’t pass the writing test for second time I will not do the nursing job. I did pass for the second time. All of my friends passed too. One of my classmates from my country didn’t do the nursing job after she passed the test. It’s supervise me that. She couldn’t do the job that she telling me to do it together. I got the job at the convalescent hospital. I saw elder and a lot of G tube patients. I learned that life is beautiful and hard to die at the end.

My next challenge is I wanted to work in the hospital. I got the job and I experienced how busy it was. I went to every floor at hospital. I pushed the bed up and down. I pushed the patients too. I saw everyday patients in and out. Every room is full of patients. So does the IV stand .I felt depress and pity for the patients who is suffering. I tried to save as much life as I can. Life is changing every second. I pray for everyone I met.

When the time passed by I decided to pursue another career. People think I don’t like nursing but I do. I want to make more money to support my family and give them comfortable life. I took the Medical billing and Coding class. I saw those tinny words in the books and I couldn’t believe that it’s was harder than the nursing. I will continue to learning and exploring the class to the end. I like to learn new things and try. Nursing is the most beautiful job and challenging. So does the world. We will live as long as god decides how long for us. No one can stop us or counting to live. We only wish for everyone can live longer and healthy life.