Monitor Technician
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Essay by: CCTC-170

I am a 37-year-old college educated Hispanic male who has worked for non-profit organizations since I graduated from college in 2003—primarily with at-risk youth, the homeless and special needs communities. With that said, I am making a move in my life to transition to the medical field. I would venture to say, that poor health and the human emotion of empathy have driven me to make this life-altering decision.

I have been a slim guy since my teenage years. As you can imagine, I can pretty much eat all the processed/sugary junk I want and it will not show on my thin frame. There is a misconception in society that associates overweight people with heart problems and/or high cholesterol. That couldn’t be further from the truth! I am living proof that the heart does not discriminate when it comes to age and body weight for that matter. Not until my early thirties did I begin getting yearly physicals. For many years I ignored the sharp pains I would get when performing daily activities—walking, taking showers, lying in bed, etc. My cholesterol level was through the roof, not to mention blood pressure extremely high. There was such a concern that my physician scheduled a stress test two years ago. That day, I nervously asked the Cardiologist what the test revealed: “Your heart is good,” he replied. The good news made my day!

Making a difference is only possible through the channels of empathy. My experiences have led me down this road: Helping others in a clinical setting. By being a solid employee with a kind heart, who knows firsthand what it means to have heartaches.