The Wonders of an AED
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The Wonders of an AED

How valuable is life to you, could you even really put a price on it? Something as easy as learning how to use an AED and performing CPR is vital in our society today, yet many people have no idea how to perform these procedures. Simply by becoming CPR certified you automatically become AED certified.

An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator, and it works by delivering electric shocks to a person’s heart and restores heart signals. They’re positioned in multiple places in many locations. These devices increase survivability to 80% from a mere 2.5% when they simply only use CPR. Just by looking at these numbers we should all see the importance of using an AED along with CPR. Another benefit of the device is that when CPR is not needed you simply apply it and let it correct the rhythm of the heart. Using an AED is a lot simpler than what it really seems.

First and most importantly call 911 whether it is you or someone near you willing to assist you. Before you go about using an AED you must start with CPR, the next step after calling 911 you make sure the person is away from any kind of water being that they were near any at the moment of the emergency. You check for a pulse at the carotid artery followed by checking to see if they have any respiration. You then begin doing compressions followed by rescue breathes. As you’re doing this you then start the vital process of using an AED after at least two minutes or CPR.

Before you begin using an AED you must first make sure they have no jewelry or metal on their body from piercing to rings to necklaces as well as bracelets. If the person has an excess of hair most AED come equipped with some sort of shaving kit and if worse comes to worse you can always use the sticky pad to try and remove as much hair as possible since most AED come with extra pads. Placement is key when applying the device since it needs a way to circulate from one side of the heart to the other. One goes on the left chest area and the other on the right rib area. Once you start it you will hear “Clear” you then lift all hands from the person and after the machine checks the pulse of the heart you then start compressions again beginning from the count of one. Most AED come with instructions that make it extremely easy to use.

I ask again, how valuable is life to you? There are more than 500 locations across the United States not counting the online courses which are more convenient for people with busier schedules. Simply completing this course certifies you for 2 years, and who knows maybe one day you can save a life.