What are some American Heart Association recommendations in regards to the use of an AED?”
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The American Heart Association recommends that they us them only when it is necessary. For that reason they recommended that there are one or two AEDs around for when the unexpected happens.

When a person suffers from a heart attack an AED is necessary to save the life of the person. It has been declared that every emergency vehicle will have an AED at their disposal. Every building should have at least one or two at their disposal in the ever rare case that something should happen and it is needed. They are even putting AED’s on the stores to make sure that they get everywhere. However, due to certain conditions it has been declared that only trained and experienced people would use them.

The AED is a device most commonly used in the case of a person entering a sudden Cardiac Arrest via the use of generating a focused static electric charge and sending it straight into the subject’s heart through his/her chest resulting in a “jump start”, but because it uses electricity, caution must be met by ensuring that the body is not wet in order to prevent the patient from getting electrocuted.

Because of this the American Heart Association decided to release a AED program to train people so that when such emergencies arise they are prepared to take action when it is necessary, and they will know what to what to do. Do to the nature of the AED there have been some legal issues all over the U.S. involving getting a prescription from a licensed physician. Those who had training will still be required to be under the surveillance of trained professionals, for safety reasons.

The demand for the AED’s has been on the rise as of late because people have recognized the necessity of these and are taking the training program so that there are no more unnecessary loss of life, even at the hands of an accident.