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Picture the inside of a mall with multiple levels of bystanders turn their attention to a small group of individuals dancing to a steady beat that is playing overhead. The beat is accompanied by a propelling tune, as more dancers join the group and they make their way to a large clearing. As shoppers come to a standstill, it become clear that the group of dancers are a flock of medical professionals. Their hands spring over their heads as they begin to clap and sing to the chorus, “Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother. You are staying alive, staying alive”. The dancers march with the beat as they open their white coats revealing large red letters that read, “CPR/ AED Awareness Week”. CPR manikins are used as dance partners as white coats flicker between the now hundreds of onlookers with their smartphones out. In sync with the music the dancers perform chest compressions on the manikins between pirouettes and petit saut. The swarm of white coats makes its way back to the center of the clearing and pose with manikins raised high as the song comes to an end. A voice comes from the dancers asking anyone who is willing to come and get more information about CPR and to try it on the manikins.

It is well known that performing CPR can save a life. Unfortunately not many people know how it’s done or are scared to try. It is for this reason that Congress designated the first week of June as National CPR/AED Awareness Week. By taking advantage of this time, an event such as the one described can be done at little cost. However, priceless direct contact with the community along with the rippling publicity will break down both knowledge and mental barriers.

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