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I believe the key to promoting CPR awareness is bringing CPR classes to places in the community. Many CPR courses are offered; however, most don’t take the class unless they are required to for some reason. As a registered nurse, I would have a team that traveled around the community offering courses. The course would be a mix of all the CPR requirements along with a portion that focused on health education specific to the population of the class. For instance, it would be really beneficial to parents of school children to know CPR. Therefore, my team and I would set up a day with a school and the parents can attend the class while their kids are at school. By advertising for a few weeks before the assigned date, more parents can be made aware of the class and the close proximity of the school would likely increase attendance. These parents would receive CPR training along with health information that is a need-to-know for their children. We could offer our services to businesses as well. We would set up a day, or a few days if needed, in which we would teach a class at a local business and the employees could participate. Since CPR classes can be long it may be necessary to break the class up into a few days. It would also be important to advertise for a few weeks at the chosen location so that the participants can schedule the class into their day. I believe this type of course would really bring CPR to the general population because we would be taking the initiative by bringing the class to the participants rather than the participants having to seek out the class on their own.

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