Thomas Minter started teaching at Critical Care Training Center in October 2015. He was required to renew his health care provider card, met the Director, and they instantly connected. He was offered the teaching role the following day. Thomas has been teaching for over 8 years. In fact, for 2 years, he worked as an EMT Instructor. He served in the Navy for 11 years and has had an abundance of experiences while serving in the military. During this time, Thomas applied for the Special Operations Unit and was accepted to be part of the team. As part of this special unit, he trained peers in combat and also served as a combat medic. He is proficient in cold weather mountain medicine.

Thomas Minter uses his years of knowledge as part of his educational techniques. He has attained valuable medical expertise, and has taught ACLS and BLS courses. At Critical Care, he currently instructs the CPR and BLS courses. His lists of accomplishments show his versatility in the medical field. More so, Thomas holds an EMT Paramedic License and currently in BSN school. He values higher education and instills the same sense of worth to his students. He appreciates working at Critical Care Training Center as the center fosters an enjoyable learning environment. Thomas is the type of teacher who is clear, concise, and engaging. At Critical Care, he can be himself and yet still be professional.

When he is not teaching, Tom spends time with his kids, surfs, and participates in Spartan races. Overall, his military and real life clinical experiences give him a range of skill-sets that he brings to his students. Thomas prepares his students to be ready for any situation and imparts in them the confidence to take on anything.