Advanced ECG
Online Course

Critical Care Training Center offers Advanced ECG Interpretations online program for individuals willing to gain the appropriate skills to interpret various heart rhythms and acknowledge medical emergencies promptly. Participants will be guided through step-by-step approaches and multiple techniques for high-quality ECG reading. Advanced ECG online course is suitable for a range of healthcare providers (RNs, LVNs, Medical Students, Doctors, including student nurses, paramedics, and support workers. It is 100% online and is ideal for busy healthcare professionals to be completed around their busy schedules.

Course Benefits

  • 100% online
  • No textbook required
  • Advanced ECG Certificate upon completion
  • 100+ practice rhythm strips

Advanced ECG online was designed by UCLA doctors, Cardiac Nurses and content experts with a purpose to provide advanced knowledge in basic anatomy and physiology of the heart and its electrical activity. Through information about 12 and 3-Lead placement as well as sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular, and AV blocks rhythms will be covered.

Upon completing the Advanced ECG online course, students will gain expertise in understanding and identifying the relationship between the ECG strip and heart impulses, various arrhythmias, pacemaker malfunction, basic electrography, and complete comprehension of the cardiovascular activities.

Course Fee


Comparison Points

Advanced ECG Online ECG Online
Thorough anatomy and physiology of the heart including complete systole and diastole cardiac cycles and cardiac output Basic rhythm understanding
Basic Electrography and showings of different Relationship between the ECG strip and heart impulses
Techniques on reading and analyzing the ECG paper Common arrhythmias
The Conduction System Identifying and distinguishing various arrhythmias
Sinus rhythms including SA blocks and sinus arrests
Atrial dysrhythmias and Premature complexes
Premature Junctional Complexes
Premature Ventricular Complexes
Idioventricular rhythms
Classification and clinical significance of AV Blocks
Pacemaker malfunction rhythms including transvenous, epicardial and transcutaneous pacing
12-Lead and 3-Lead ECG Indications

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