Hospital Fire & Safety Course

Hospital Fire & Safety Course is designed for Los Angeles healthcare staff who may be confronted with an unexpected emergency involving environments found in major hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, retirement homes, and clinics.

Students successfully completing this one day course will be issued a BLUE Fire card which is valid for 4 years or PINK Fire card which will be valid for 2 years and meets requirements of the Los Angeles City Fire Department’s Hospital Fire and Life Safety Program.

What is a Fire Card?

  • Los Angeles Fire Code Section 57.113.09 – Mandates Fire Safety Training for ALL Los Angeles Hospital and Convalescent home Employees.
  • Hospital employees must take a 6 hour training course every 4 years.
  • A PINK FIRE CARD is issued & must read “institutional fire/life safety training”.
  • A BLUE FIRE CARD is issued & must read “hospital fire/life safety training”.
  • Employees at psychiatric hospitals & convalescent homes must take a 3 hour training course every 2 years. Critical Care Training Center will provide a pink or blue card to ensure participants will be able to meet their job requirements in various types of facilities without difficulty.


Valid for 4 Years
Hospital Fire/Life Safety Training
6 Hour Training Course


Valid for 2 Years
Institutional Fire/Life Safety Training
6 Hour Training Course

What is covered in Hospital Fire Safety?

  • What if there is a fire in the hallway?
  • Do you call for help before you try to save someone or do you try to make a rescue first?
  • How do I carry someone to safety that is heavier than I am?
  • How do fire extinguishers work?
  • What are the different types of fire?
  • What would be my role if I was working in a hospital and a fire broke out?
  • How does fire spread?
  • What is the best way to save myself and my patients?

Critical Care Training Center’s Fire and Safety course is part lecture, part hands on where we will provide you with useful information that would help you save your own life or the lives of your coworkers.

Course Fee: $55.00

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