Online Critical Care Course

Critical Care Training Center is proud to offer a Certificate of Completion for Critical Care Nursing. This course focuses on alterations in selected body systems that require acute and critical care nursing.  Building on previous knowledge of adult health concepts.  Comprehensive nursing care of individuals and their families in acute and critical care settings.

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  • 100% online
  • Quick and easy skills check
  • Certificate available right after course completion
  • Online modules completed around your busy schedule

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This course is accredited by:

California Boar of Registered Nursing


The course aims to equip the registered nurses with essential knowledge and skills to perform effectively and efficiently in the critical care discipline, to ensure the delivery of safe, holistic and quality care to patients. The certificate shows that the student has undertaken a comprehensive range of classes related to care of the patient. Upon completion graduates will develop the specialized skills and knowledge to become critical care nurse, and be prepared to recognize and support the unique characteristics of the critical care patient population. Upon completing the course, the participants will be getting the following certificates: Critical Care, Ventilator Pulmonary & Tracheostomy and ECG.

Critical care nursing is the field of nursing with a focus on the utmost care of the critically ill or unstable patients following extensive injury, surgery or life-threatening diseases. A critical care nurse, also sometimes referred to as an ICU nurse, is a type of nurse that provides care to patients that are in critical condition. These types of nurses may care for adults or children recovering from serious medical problems including illnesses and injuries. Critical care nurses are some of the most in demand nurses in this field.

  • Identify nursing interventions to support patients, families, and nurses in the acute and critical care environment
  • Discuss ethical and end-of-life issues common in the acute and critical care setting
  • Apply concepts of skills essential to care of the acute and critically-ill patient: sedation management, nutrition, dysrhythmia interpretation, hemodynamic monitoring, airway and ventilator management, code management, and organ donation
  • Describe the physiological, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual responses of individuals experiencing serious or potentially life-threatening alterations in one or more body system
  • Discuss the treatment, including selected pharmacological agents, for patients with common acute and critical care illnesses and diseases
  • Develop collaborative plans of care for patients with common acute and critical care illnesses and diseases
  • Apply evidence-based practices in management of the acute and critically-ill patient


The following content is covered by the Online Critical Care Course. Number of Quizzes are embedded in the course for self-assessment.

Chapter/ Topic
Ch. 1 – Overview
Ch. 2 – Responses to Critical Illness
Ch. 3 – Ethical/ Legal Issues
Ch. 4 – Palliative/ End-of-Life Care
Ch. 11 – Organ Donation
Ch. 5 – Comfort & Sedation
Ch. 6 – Nutritional Support
Ch. 9 – Ventilatory Support
Ch. 15 – Respiratory Failure
Ch. 7 – Dysrhythmias
Ch. 8 – Hemodynamics
Ch. 10 – RRT and Code Management
Ch. 12 – Shock
Ch. 13 – Cardiovascular Alterations
Ch. 16 – Acute Kidney Injury
Ch. 18 – GI (carry over as needed)
Ch. 14 – Nervous System
Ch. 17 – Hematology & Immune
Ch. 19 – Endocrine (begin, may carry over)
Ch. 20 – Surgical and Trauma
Ch. 21 – Burns
Final Exam

After the Final Exam, students shall complete the Evaluation Form for the certificates to be generated and sent to their emails. Original certificates shall be mailed by CCTC to the provided address within 48 hours after completion of the course.

*Class content may be altered as needed to ensure completion of content discussion. Content may be accelerated or carried over to another class. Depending on course set-up chapters may be moved to different days.

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