MAB – AB 508 Course

Management of Assaultive Behavior

Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) also known as AB-508 violence prevention course is designed for individuals working within healthcare field. Attendees will receive their certification at the end of the course. In the health care field, managing aggressive behavior is often an issue. Accordingly, we offer a MAB course that will help you to de-escalate violent behavior and prevent assaults.

When crises are approached in a calm, rational manner, often difficult situations can be defused. Before an assault or a physical confrontation occurs, and before a situation becomes unmanageable, the potential for danger can be reduced and the people involved can be defended and protected.

We offer a four-hour MAB course that uses trusted methods of crisis negotiation and intervention. When used in any stages of confrontation, up to and including actual confrontation, our techniques can prevent the need for physical action.

MAB-AB-508 Course Content

This class is designed for people who want to work individually or within a group. If you want to feel more confident in difficult situations, though, you will benefit from this class. You’ll feel safer, act more quickly and defensively, and generally feel more capable of handling yourself in situations that demand strength over logic. You’ll become more confident when you learn techniques that don’t rely on strength, and you’ll come to understand that no matter how small you are, you can protect yourself and those around you from injuries.

MAB-AB-508 Format

The goal of this course is to help you develop skills that will enable you to tell when a person in your care is escalating to the point of violent behavior, and to react appropriately. If you can do that, then you can avoid confrontation, stay safe, and keep others around you safe. You’ll be able to recognize the warning signs, and stop them or divert them.

MAB-AB-508 Features

This course will teach you how to recognize and react to dangerous situations. The course is recognize by the California State Board of Registered Nursing.

MAB-AB-508 Completion

Once you have completed this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences for MFT and LCSW licensure.

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify characteristics associated with aggressive and violent behavior in patients and victims
  • Define terms used when managing assaultive behavior
  • Describe the concept of violence
  • Identify theories that describe the relationship between human behavior and violence
  • Identify data collection measures to obtain a patient history in patients with a risk for violent behavior
  • Describe predicting factors that lead to aggression and violence
  • Define the assault cycle
  • Identify general safety principles
  • Describe evasive techniques and strategies to avoid physical harm
  • Describe resources available for coping with incidents of violence
  • Identify appropriate use of medications as chemical restraints
  • Identify types of restraints and restraining techniques
  • Identify measures to prevent workplace violence

We will also come to you with groups of 10 or more.


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