What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

What are some American Heart Association recommendations in regards to the use of an AED? Any sudden of cardiac arrests and other life threatening emergency accidents can happen to anyone, at any [...]

The Wonders of an AED

The Wonders of an AED How valuable is life to you, could you even really put a price on it? Something as easy as learning how to use an AED and performing CPR is vital in our society today, yet [...]

The Difference Between Life and Death

This paper explores the recommendations that the American Heart Association (AHA) has set in regards to the usage of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). According to the AHA (2012), sudden [...]

Magificient Life Experience

Magnificent Life Experiences The world is full of beautiful nature and peoples. Life is so beautiful too. I never thought of myself that I will be came a nurse one day. I was helping my fried [...]