EKG Monitor Technician
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Essay by: CCTC-156

I want to become an EKG Monitor Technician to add on to my skills as a Respiratory Therapist, as any employee you should always try and make yourself more marketable on the job. In my current position we currently do EKG’s at night if they are required immediately. My son is a senior in high school and I really needed a second job with prom, graduation and college tuition due I know most anyone can really understand stand this. As parents we love our kids and want the best for them so, why not update my skills and gain a new career that the same time. It is a career of the future, I did research and found ACLS123, in North Hollywood, I had to make payments but, I made it. I work nights, so, the sacrifice of sleep is really hard. However, I have attended four of the six classes and it has been worth it.
After I attended my first class I was fascinated by the heart’s ability to be so smart I often find myself thinking about the intricacies of this very muscle that is involved in every part of our lives. The first class made me appreciate God’s ability to create such a beautiful organ, yet, this same organ is not so smart when it comes to the very matters of the heart such as love. We often times fall for the wrong lover, oh, but when we find the right one it’s really amazing. Valentine’s Day just recently passed with love in the air and some broken hearts, yes, the heart was responsible for it all! Sadly, I remember when my mother passed in 2014, and the heartache I felt, my heart literally felt like it broke. How is it that this muscle that is so strong and complex able to allow us to feel every emotion, from sadness to grief, happiness to love? I must say it is a piece of art; the way it functions it is a masterpiece.
The second class filled me with a new sense of wonder and guided me to a new direction in the medical field, but it is still connected to the respiratory therapy, I will begin to specialize in the cardiac side now. The class allowed me to appreciate the heart in all its spledor, the power it commands and all the functions that go on inside.
I think most people know how it is to find a new love, I am in that phase here and now, while taking this EKG class. It is the now the main reason why I want to become an EKG Monitor Technician. What started out for me looking to increase my education for my current position and looking for a second job to make sure my son has an awesome senior year and help to pay for college tuition, turned out to be love at first sight. I will take this education and use it in my current position as well as locate a second job, but I will continue to pursue higher education to specialize further in some form of cardiac medicine.
In closing, do this tonight, before going to sleep lay your ear on the chest of your loved one and listen to their heart beat. That constant thump you hear is the sound of love in all its glorious splendor. Enjoy it, embrace it, and respect the heart. I graciously ask you to vote for me and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same, it would truly warm my heart. Thank you all in advance for your time and your votes.