Expanding Our Reach

Essay by: ISP037    In order to promote Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) awareness, the key lies within spreading the message to the most amount of people. Our biggest challenge begins with [...]

Getting An Early Start

Essay by: ISP035    One effective approach to promoting CPR awareness for Lay Rescuers in a given community is to target school-aged children with ongoing annual teachings integrated into both [...]

Taking CPR to the Community

Essay by: ISP034    I believe the key to promoting CPR awareness is bringing CPR classes to places in the community. Many CPR courses are offered; however, most don’t take the class unless they [...]

Let’s Make A Change

Essay by: ISP033    There are many views on what being a registered nurse (RN) means. There are some children that assume we love to inflict pain by giving shots, while some adults take our jobs [...]

Staying Alive

Essay by: ISP031    Picture the inside of a mall with multiple levels of bystanders turn their attention to a small group of individuals dancing to a steady beat that is playing overhead. The [...]

Breath of Life

Essay by: ISP030    There exists a widely held belief that with His very own breath, God breathed life into man. Man’s capability to breathe the breath of life into another is possible as well, [...]

Good Health Going Viral

Essay by: ISP029    Sometimes in nursing practice, in the midst of passing meds on time or fulfilling continuing education credits, we lose sight of just how much power we have to be a voice for [...]

CPR with Swagger

Essay by: ISP028    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergent procedure designed to preserve blood circulation to the brain in the event of cardiac arrest. In discussing ways that I [...]