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The key to promoting awareness in a community is to make it fun and interesting to your target population. As a nurse, I would promote CPR to the Lay Rescuer in my community through the use of media. Media currently drives our world, with nearly every person being linked to media in some fashion. People are communicating through cell phones, applications, and computers as much—if not more—than they are in person.

I would make learning fun through creating a YouTube video in which people could learn the basics of CPR, and what to do in case they are in a situation where they would need this information. In order to get people to “share” the video I would make it fun and engaging, with catchy easy-to-remember lines in order to help the video “go viral.” Similarly to how “Gangnam Style” captivated people and engaged conversations of people all over the country, my CPR video would catch on within the community and spread across a nation. This would require a likable song, great personalities, and even outrageous costumes. Who wouldn’t love to see a President look-a-like, Justin Bieber, or Lady GaGa performing CPR on a person at the local pool?!

I believe that my idea is very feasible, and the wonderful thing about the Internet and sharing is that is relatively inexpensive, yet very effective at communicating information to the general public. If you show your friends, family, and community the video, they would then have the ability to share it with their friends and family, and the word will spread. People will enjoy the video, but more importantly, they will be learning how to potentially save the life of a family member or stranger in an emergency situation.

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