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Come join us for an Open House!

Wednesday, September 12th, 11am-1pm:
Free food and drinks, gifts for the first 25, gifts for first 25 attendees.

We will raffle the following items at 12:30 PM.

  • Free ACLS Class (one) valued at $175.00.
  • $100 Gift Certificate (to be used toward any course that we offer & it’s transferable) (two).
  • $50.00 Gift Certificates (to be used toward any course that we offer & it’s transferable) (three).


Critical Care Training Center’s Founder:

Shota Mkrtumyan RN, CEN, CCRN is a former United States Army Infantry Combat Life Saver (CPL). After his time of service, Shota furthered his commitment to saving lives by working for over 15 years as a Trauma Nurse in various emergency contexts. It is precisely his dedication to equip others with the necessary skills to save lives that gave way to the founding of Critical Care Training Center.

It was Shota’s clear vision to be a dedicated leader to support Health System Institutions varying from hospitals to academia in their global efforts to profession development and improve business outcome through the lens of broad range of learning solutions. Thanks to this, shortly after establishment, Critical Care Training Center became the leading training center in Southern California certified by the American Heart Association, currently contracting over 80 hospitals, schools and various healthcare providing organizations, having trained over 20,000 healthcare providers annually.

In addition to his professional experience, he is committed to changing the low CPR survival rate of 6.9% in Los Angeles County by educating administering CPR, initiating the delivery of free CPR classes to as many residents of Los Angeles as possible to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

After joining the UCNH Chamber of Commerce Critical Care Training Center partnered with Los Angeles County Metropolitan to organize CPR Awareness Week, named The CPR Block Party, every year delivering free CPR trainings on every station of Metro Red Line. During the first event, challenged by the Guinness World Record Critical Care Training Center, in cooperation with Concorde Career College, trained 19533 people during a day, being only 500 short to break the record. Ever since free CPR classes are delivered every month.

Currently partnering with L.A. Care Health Plan Critical Care Training Center also conducts five free CPR classes a month.

A number of distinguished film making studios (Warner Brothers, Fox, Sony Pictures, Dream Works, to name a few) were among recipients of free CPR classes of Critical Care Training Center, having trained circa 11.000 employees.

Since its inception Critical Care Training Center has trained over 150,000 Angelinos on life savings skills for free.

Beyond his passion on driving performance and getting results, Shota has remarkable leadership talent, with an eye for not only growing his family business, but also seeking opportunities to develop the community in general and the next generation of leaders in particular. This was the reason for becoming a member of Kiwanis International.

His professional experience, unique vision and positive energy go hand in hand with his continuous effort to change the society, improving critical care knowledge in our community making it a safe place to live.

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