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To achieve the educational goals of nursing, simulations have played significant role. Trough time the advancement and style of simulations have increased and contributed a lot for the achievement of the new nursing students. The reason that nursing is different from other proficient is that it cannot be practiced directly on patients without practicing on simulation. Simulations will help students to acquire knowledge and experience, and to be familiar with the new health care technologies.

The first main advantages of simulations are to help students to get better experience before starting their carrier. The nursing field is about treating life; as a result it needs a lot great experience before working independently. Simulations play significant role in offering experiential learning. In addition, simulations provide education that has proof and curriculum. Patient safety is the main priority for the nursing field; as a result simulations enhance the know-how and safety procedures of students. Many errors have done by new graduate nurses due to lack of enough experience. To minimize these errors, nursing students must spend enough time to practice on simulations.

Other advantages of simulations are to familiarize nursing students with new medical technologies. The progress of innovation of new medical equipments has increased faster than any other time. To familiarize nursing students with the new technologies, Simulations play a significant role. It helps students to be accurate in the procedures they are doing when treat patients or when they analyze lab reports. In addition, simulations help students to enhance their learning capacity. For instance to teach students about surgical procedure may take longer time than teaching them in online video and lectures. Practice with advanced simulations help nursing students to master the equipment procedures.

I believe that in the next ten years simulation based learning will be more advanced and going to have major changes in the health care filed. First the simulations will be highly advanced and it will enhance the critical thinking of students in many nursing settings. The simulations will be have chips and advanced mother board, and they are going to have many features. Another advancement of simulations will be more efficient and time saver. Right now, to get your bachelors in nursing takes about three years. The introduction of new high tech simulations will shorten the class time and will give more time to practice to students.

In the next ten years simulations will have many purposes, and this will teach students to be multitask. Nursing students will get change to handle patients who have multiple diseases at the same time with no problem. There might be a technology that can monitor many patients at the same time by one nurse from his station. Before nursing graduates practice independently, the simulations will help them to practice and familiarize with the procedures. In addition, the future simulations will help students to acquire communication skills. One of the most important skills of the health care filed is to have effective communication with patients and family members. In order to develop such advanced communication skills, the future simulations will have significant role. In order to understand the social, psychological, and emotional expression of patients, nurses need to develop higher level understanding skills. The increasing problems of the health care require nurses that have deep experience of patient care. Nursing students must acquire sufficient skills before practicing on live patients. Simulations help students to have knowledge of patient care. Safety of patients is the primary goal of health care, so practice on simulations help students to minimize risk. In addition, students can be familiar with the new health care technologies before practicing independently. In the next ten years, the purpose and efficiency of simulations will increase and its contribution on health care students will be enormous.

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