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Imagine walking in the dark, cold winter breeze. There are few people around the shopping center where you are walking. As you are walking, you feel excruciating pain coming from your chest, but you still keep walking. Seconds later, you are on your knees screaming for help, gasping for air, and still no help. Someone finally notices you, but mistakes you for a drunk and leaves you to die. I do think it’s important for non-healthcare professionals to know CPR; however, non-healthcare professionals should have knowledge of when to use CPR too. Non-healthcare professionals need to be taught CPR because they can teach it to other people and save a life.

Once a non-healthcare professional gets taught CPR, he or she has the opportunity to teach someone else. The process of teaching CPR can be done on Facebook, YouTube, SKYPE, in a classroom, or anywhere a person can learn. The world would become more aware of how to perform CPR if newly certified non-healthcare professional took the time to teach someone unaware of CPR. The cycle will keep going until there would no one else to teach CPR. It’s really important to teach non-healthcare professionals when to use CPR because a monkey can learn CPR but not know when to use it. The use of CPR is very important and discussed next.

After CPR is taught to non-healthcare professionals, they have to know when to use it. A heart attack, drowning, and anaphylaxis are perfect examples of when to use CPR. When CPR is done correctly, it can save a life.

The heart attack person in the beginning of the introduction was actually my grandpa. He was walking back home after donating money to poor children in Afghanistan. He had a heart attack. If the man who noticed my grandpa having a heart attack, taken a CPR class, he would of started CPR right away and saved my grandpa’s life. Unfortunately, the man didn’t know CPR and couldn’t identify the symptoms of a heart attack.

In the end, non-healthcare professionals need to be taught CPR because they can teach it to other people and save a life. CPR should be learned, practiced, and taught by everyone to prevent situations like what happened to my grandpa.

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