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Scene From FlatlinersWhen CPR is used in films it’s often to maximum dramatic effect, and sometimes involves some, well, awkward kissing. The technique involved can range from woefully ineffective (and incorrect) to very realistic. Here are a few of our top choices for scenes, and if we missed yours, let us know what it is! *Note: These scenes may be spoilers for you!

”Flatliners”, 1990. A group of med students repeatedly play with death and resuscitation, so the movie features a few CPR scenes, but in the film’s climax Kevin Bacon and Julia Roberts employ CPR (among other methods) to revive a very dead Kiefer Sutherland.

”The Sandlot”, 1993. In this beloved comedy a young boy named Squints finally decides to take his lifeguard crush to a particularly unsafe level by leaping into the deep end of her pool. As she performs CPR on him he suddenly kisses her, which results in him and his pals getting kicked out of the pool.

”Back to the Future II”, 1989. In this scene Marty McFly has gone back to 1955, where he encounters a barely unconscious Biff Tannen. Marty informs the crowd that he knows CPR, although they have no idea what that is, then punches a waking Biff back unconscious. While the scene contains no actual CPR, it’s a good laugh.

”Jurassic Park”, 1993. After the young boy Tim is electrocuted while climbing an electric fence, Dr. Grant performs immediate CPR and revives the boy. It’s an exciting scene that also shows that quick-thinking and action is key in resuscitation.

”Duplex”, 2003. Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore perform very reluctant (and incorrect) CPR on their elderly neighbor in this scene. They pause to haggle over who has to perform the artificial respiration, hopefully something no one would actually do in real life.

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