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Words are amazing, they have the power to incite strong emotion, and the power to quell a rebellious heart. Words can be enhanced to create imagery, and to give life and dramatic essence to a subject. Profanity is a crude type of language enhancer that is often used to indicate, or incite, a negative correlation between subjects. Words like “mandatory” and “required” belong in the profane category. When a task is indicated to be “mandatory” or “required”, that task instantly derives a negative connotation with those being requested to complete said task.

With a matter as critical as CPR certification, I do not believe it should be a requirement for all employers, health care providers and non-healthcare providers to require certification upon hire. I believe it should be an incentive. When people hear words like “required” or “mandatory”, they automatically understand the task to be completed as one they will not enjoy. Now, CPR classes may not be the most fun thing in the world to do; however, they do not have to be a tedious subject either. Even simple incentives, such as some food or coffee provided to attending personnel, are often seen as a welcome treat. Tell employees that for 100% compliance every month with up-to-date CPR certification, a name will be drawn out of a hat for someone to leave an hour early, or have 30 minutes more for their lunch break, on the last day of the month. Tell new employees that if they attain CPR certification prior to their first day on the job, they will receive a title on their name-badge indicating they are CPR certified, or a pin recognizing their commitment. Even simple things, such as those described above, make CPR certification more than just a “mandatory” and “required” chore that has to be completed.

With company-wide compliance incentives, employees will keep track of their own, and the other workers, progress. This leaves it as more of an internal regulation, and is looked upon more kindly than if management gets involved. If the incentive is enough, employee regulation can even take on more sophisticated and structured monitoring. Offer an employee a title, such as health services coordinator, and have them keep track of certified employees, and give them the task of briefing new employees upon hire.

Immediate CPR can mean the difference between life and death for a person with a medical emergency. It is important that it is regarded with the reverence it is deserved. Most people probably do not believe they will ever have to use it, and hopefully none of them will. But that one person who hesitates because they went to the “mandatory” class, and didn’t care enough to pay attention, may only realize their mistakes a little too late. Some of these suggestions may seem silly, and they probably are. Most people seeking employment are adults, and should have the rational capacity to understand the importance of CPR certification. This does not necessarily hold true, as ours is a society of instant gratification.

So, all employers, health care providers and non-healthcare providers, should give an incentive for CPR certification upon hire. They should also give an incentive for the maintenance of that card, and the skills that are so important. It is sad that we live in a world where more people will not sacrifice a few hours for the potential good of another in need, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in today. A person must consider the task “worth their while”, in order to complete it willingly. This is how we will save lives.

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