A Call for Action

Essay by: ISP111    The first two questions ask for my opinion and I do believe that AED availability and extending CPR education to non-healthcare providers are equally important because it [...]

Everyday Heroes

Essay by: ISP110    Calling 911 is sometimes just not enough. I believe that every professional out there is responsible for knowing something as basic yet important as CPR. A boss is responsible [...]

Public Access and Usage of AEDs

Essay by: ISP108    As I approached the metro station, I noticed an old gentleman engaged in a heated discussion with a couple of teenagers. Just as I was about to pass this scene, I saw the [...]

Say “Yes” to CPR!

Essay by: ISP107    We are a community in every sense of the word – as a group of friends, as a family, as students in a nursing program, even strangers on the street – communities are [...]

CPR Saves Lives

Essay by: ISP103    Imagine walking in the dark, cold winter breeze. There are few people around the shopping center where you are walking. As you are walking, you feel [...]

Everyone Should Know CPR

Essay by: ISP102    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, also known as CPR, is an emergency procedure that combines rescue breathing and chest compressions in an effort to reverse [...]

CPR in the Non-Healthcare Setting

Essay by: ISP101    A heart attack can happen at any moment, at any time. What are the chances of heart attacks actually occurring in a healthcare setting? The right time, the [...]

Prioritization of Resources

Essay by: ISP100    CPR certification should not be required for all employers, health care provider and non-healthcare providers to require CPR certification upon hire. Money should not be spent [...]

Could You Save A Life?

Essay by: ISP098    Would you know what to do if someone collapsed in front of you due to sudden cardiac arrest? What if that person was a loved one? According to the American Heart Association [...]

CPR A Call To Action

Essay by: ISP097    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure used to restore breathing and blood flow through the body until emergency assistance can arrive. [...]

HELP! You, get an AED!

Essay by: ISP093    The availability of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in public areas is essential to increasing the likelihood of survival after cardiac arrest from [...]

CPR for All

Essay by: ISP092    What do you do when you see someone collapse, unresponsive and not breathing? This may be an easy answer for a healthcare professional trained with Cardiopulmonary [...]

The Priority of AED Availability

Essay by: ISP091    Where will the nearest AED be when you need it most? Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) must be installed in populous public places. The University of [...]

A Baby’s Life

Essay by: ISP090    The importance of learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is not recognized by many, especially those that are not in healthcare related professions. [...]

Use it or Lose it

Essay by: ISP089    It is very important for non-healthcare professionals to know CPR. Many people come into their workplace with their own health problems, especially people that [...]

The More Knowledge, The Better

Essay by: ISP087    Imagine the love of your life lying on the floor, breathless, restless, with no pulse present. The anxiety and fear one will feel is beyond words can describe. [...]

Saving a Community One Life at a Time

Essay by: ISP086    When someone has become unresponsive in an emergency situation, seconds matter. Knowing what to do and how to react in those first critical moments before professionals arrive [...]

CPR: Skill and Clear Thinking

Essay by: ISP085    I do think it is important for non-healthcare professionals—as well as every human being—to know CPR. It does not necessarily take a doctor or nurse to save the day. Any [...]

Anyone Can Be a Hero

Essay by: ISP083    Heart Disease, the number one cause of death or also known as the silent killer. According to the Center of Disease Control about 600,000 Americans die from [...]

Give the Chance to Live

Essay by: ISP082    In the worlds of numerous computers, phones and other gadgets it seems like people live in virtual world and often do not care about each other. When someone is [...]

Importance of AEDs

Essay by: ISP080    No matter a person’s age or background, everyday individuals can experience a life threatening event such as cardiac arrest. The importance of AEDs cannot be [...]

CPR Saves

Essay by: ISP079    Unfortunately, 88% of cardiac arrests occur at home, and “Survival from cardiac arrest depends on early recognition of the event and immediate activation of the emergency [...]

Who will save your life?

Essay by: ISP077    What would you do if someone was experiencing a life threatening emergency, and you were the only one to witness their crisis? What if it was your loved one? [...]

AED Use in Public Places

Essay by: ISP076    An Automated External Defibrillator, abbreviated AED, is defined as a “Device used by basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) providers to treat fast, irregular dysrhythmias [...]

Empowering Employees to Save Lives

Essay by: ISP073    Your coworker has just collapsed, clutching his chest, and is now unresponsive. What do you do? If you are like most Americans, you do not have an answer to that question. [...]

It Takes ONE to Save a Life

Essay by: ISP072    It was once said if a person is not breathing – breathe for them. If they do not have a pulse, give them one. Imagine witnessing an elderly man who is shopping for groceries [...]

CPR Parallels Health and Safety

Essay by: ISP071    Life is similar to a revolving door where people come and go. I think that if in the spur of the moment situation, one would act in the case of a lifesaving event if one could [...]

Could You Have At Least Tried???

Essay by: ISP070    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, aka CPR, is a life-saving technique used during a cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is basically when the heart stops working. Though it occurs [...]

Easy as AED

Essay by: ISP069    Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can save lives and they are simple! Implementing mandated placement of at least one AED in public places can make a huge difference. [...]

Profanity Has No Place With CPR

Essay by: ISP067    Words are amazing, they have the power to incite strong emotion, and the power to quell a rebellious heart. Words can be enhanced to create imagery, and to give [...]

A Heightened Chance of Survival

Essay by: ISP066    It was late in the afternoon when the frightening incident happened. Casually talking a walk at the park with my family, an elderly woman suddenly fell to the ground right [...]

Frontline Staff

Essay by: ISP065    Frontline staff includes all employees who encounter the patient before their main visit or consult. So the question is, should these personnel be equipped with [...]