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Safe Travel

Vacation season is almost here, and for some of us, that means road trips. Road trips can be fun or grueling, but above all you want to keep them safe. Here are some tips to keep your highway adventures as safe as possible.

Stay alert. If you’re too tired to drive, you place you and any passengers in your car in grave danger. Even if you don’t fall asleep at the wheel, driving while tired has been shown to impair drivers even more than driving under the influence of alcohol. If you feel tired, it’s smarter and safer to turn in for the day, even if you didn’t reach your planned destination.

Equip your car. When traveling on a lengthy road trip, equip your car with a basic first-aid kit, as well as a seat belt cutter and window hammer. If you have an emergency in the middle of nowhere, you may have to be your own first responder.

Prepare your car. Make sure your car is ready for the toll that driving all day will take on it. Make sure your tires are full of air and inspect them for any nails that could cause a blowout down the road.

Drive safe. Exercise caution when driving, and don’t let impatience goad you into making unsafe choices. If you’re stuck behind a slow truck on a county highway, better to endure it than try to make an unsafe pass.

Install car seats correctly. Child safety seats can come loose over time and with use, so make sure yours are installed as securely as possible. If you’re unsure how to install your car seat, or are having a hard time getting it right, take it to your nearest firehouse for some help.

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