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It is very important for non-healthcare professionals to know CPR. Many people come into their workplace with their own health problems, especially people that work within food workplaces because it is very easy for someone to choke on something that they have consumed while at this restaurant.

Non-healthcare professionals need to know CPR in order to prevent tragedies to occur in their workplace and sometimes the ambulance cannot come in time to resuscitate the victims in time to save them. So it is up to the staff to do what they can to help these people in need. Within five minutes or so , someone can save a life by knowing CPR rather than waiting on the ambulance which may reduce their chance of staying alive.

Non-healthcare professionals can use this skill in and out of work field for emergency purposes, which can save a family member or just someone that needs CPR that may have just encountered a cardiac arrest or anything in that sort that needs CPR attention. As long as the professionals know what they can do to prevent a death, then that is very important. Knowing CPR can improve their business as well. People will tell their friends and their friends will tell others that this business is people friendly. Just knowing that they do not have to worry about certain things put people at ease and makes them more comfortable about coming to their business. People make the world go around and help many businesses make money. Without the people then the business would lose money and have nothing. The people help non-healthcare professionals stay in business and the professionals can help the people stay alive by simple knowing CPR skills.

In some countries, many doctors are not available and you may be the only person available for the job. You witness a person choking and no one but you is available and you give them the Heimlick maneuver and save their life. That is something that they will be thankful for , for the rest of their life. Non-healthcare professionals will gain respect and love from citizens of all over which means that their business will grow for positive reasons and not because they are doing something illegal or manipulating towards the people.

It feels good to know that your life is in good hands wherever you may go , why should someone prepare a meal for you or sell you a home and not know how to save your life from simple CPR methods. It is important, especially for the elderly or disabled, because they may face critical problems that they cannot control. To know that someone can help a person in a crisis like this is very important because you are dealing with people’s life.

Life is very precious and everyone wants to live as long as possible so why not prevent a life from ending by learning CPR. Especially in today’s society where you come across people of all colors and ethnicities , you never know what you may come across so why not be safe and be aware of the possibilities. If your child or someone you loved needed CPR assistance then I am sure you would like someone to have the skills to bring them back to life rather than having to attend a funeral.

To conclude it is very important for non-healthcare professionals to know CPR because they can save a life. They also can improve their businesses by showing people that they care about their lives. Would you rather someone die in front of you or you save a life?

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