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Frontline staff includes all employees who encounter the patient before their main visit or consult. So the question is, should these personnel be equipped with CPR knowledge? In my opinion, I believe everyone alive should know CPR. So many lives are lost because many people do not know how to respond to emergencies that can be saved by knowing CPR, for example, my father. My father passed away in Las Vegas in a hotel surrounded by people. When we got to the hospital, the doctor advised us that CPR could have saved his life. So why not have hospital staff know this!?

There is such an emphasis on proactive preventative care and I believe that CPR should be included in that as well for staff. Where are all the sick people usually at who are most likely to need CPR? In the hospitals!

Teaching staff CPR and emphasizing on it’s importance will create credibility for the hospital and will boost not only member confidence but also employee moral.

Creating a culture starts with educating the staff and that includes those who are considered non-clinical. So yes, I believe that all staff should be equipped with CPR knowledge. It can save lives which is our ultimate goal!

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