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In the worlds of numerous computers, phones and other gadgets it seems like people live in virtual world and often do not care about each other. When someone is asking me how I am doing, he or she does not want me to explain how I am doing in full details. All he or she wants to hear is: “I am fine, thanks, what about you?” Because of personal space, which became very important today, many people are afraid to come too close to someone and rather choose not to pay attention to others. However, I believe we, the human beings, must take care of each other, and one way by providing help when it’s needed. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, CPR, is a lifesaving technique when someone’s heartbeat or breathing has stopped. People of any profession should know basic techniques of CPR because it can save someone’s life, make people prepared for emergency and make they more responsible.

When a person knows basic techniques of CPR, it can save someone’s life. It can be anyone, a stranger or a loved one. Lately I heard a story when a mother was blaming herself that she was not a medical professional or at least didn’t learn basic medical information. Her son has died and ambulance came late. If she knew how to help him, maybe it would save him a life. I believe that every person must know CPR and other basic medical techniques. It is the same as to know how to drive, read and cook. CPR is not profession, but it is important lifesaving skill! Every person on depending on profession or position or anything else must know how to perform basic steps of CPR.

The second reason why people must learn CPR is because it makes them more organized and prepared for emergency situation. Most of the time when people get in panic is when they don’t know what’s going on. Knowledge is a key for organization and preparedness. We often teach our children how to act when a stranger comes or when fire alarm goes on. We make them be prepared and act in specific ways to be safe. The same thing is with CPR. When a person knows how to perform a CPR he would not panic in emergency situation, but will be able to act fast and organized. Without panic he or she would save precious seconds or minutes which in most cases are lifesaving. Ones again it does not matter what profession a person has because any person may get in emergency situation when any knowledge he or she has may help.

The last reason why non-healthcare professional should know techniques of CPR is because it makes people more responsible for others. Many people believe that they don’t need to learn CPR because they are not passionate about medicine and will not perform CPR even in a life treating situation. However, much less people think it other way. When a person knows how to perform a CPR, he or she will know symptoms and signs when someone needs help. In this case CPR knowledgeable person at least may call for help or assist other person who is willing to perform CPR and save a life. When people know techniques of CPR, it makes they be responsible for others, look after each other and notice something strange.

To summarize, there are many reasons why non-healthcare professionals should know CPR including life saving, emergency preparedness and responsibility for other people. Knowledge of how to perform CPR will not only help in our personal life, but also makes us care for and notice people around us. Let’s take care of each other and notice when someone needs help!

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