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Heart Disease, the number one cause of death or also known as the silent killer. According to the Center of Disease Control about 600,000 Americans die from heart disease each year, which is equivalent to every one in four deaths. Just sit back and think about every friend and family member you have or know of; then subtract twenty five percent of your loved ones. That is how serious Americans should take this disease. Thanks to the American Heart Association most health care professionals are able to obtain their CPR certification in case of life threatening emergencies like this. One must ask though, is it enough? If heart disease is the number one cause of death I most certainly believe that as a Nation we should be taking this matter much more seriously. If all employers were to make it mandatory that each person attain their CPR certification there is most definitely a better chance of survival in the twenty five percent of our loved ones who may need it in the most unexpected moments. Getting your certification may seem unnecessary to healthy person’s and may think that you will never use it. However, knowing the simple steps between life and death may be forever valued. It could potentially save thousands of lives, in which normal situations employers would not know what to do until it’s too late. Knowledge of the basic life support can be the difference that can save lives and forever create bonds in our community that can only strengthen our support system of which we live. Along this journey you never know what will happen in life, and you may after all end up an unexpected hero, thanks to the pure knowledge on how to resuscitate someone in need.

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