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People Toasting With Wine and Champagne: Holiday Hearty Syndrome

Holiday Heart Syndrome might seem like a euphemism for generosity, but in fact it’s a potentially dangerous heart condition brought about by excess consumption of alcohol. In layman’s terms, it’s binge drinking that can knock the heart’s rhythm out of whack.

Binge drinking around the holidays not only goes hand-in-hand with all the binge eating people do, it’s also a reaction to the natural stress of the holiday season.

In addition to putting you at risk of ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’, excess alcohol consumption can simply leave you hungover, and ruin an entire day better spent enjoying the relatively brief holidays.

Here are a few tips to avoid overindulging this holiday season:

Pace yourself. Having one glass of wine to wind down at the end of the day is a normal way to relax; having four is not. If you notice your rate of consumption is going up in these holiday months, make an effort to assert your normal limits on drinking.

Party when it’s time to party. Of course there are reasons to have a spirited time during the holidays. If you’re drinking responsibly on New Year’s Eve, that makes sense. Drinking in excess without a cause to celebrate is a cause for concern.

Find healthy ways to deal with stress. It’s hard to avoid stress during the holidays, but you can choose how you deal with it. Exercise is a great stress reducer, and a natural antidepressant, so make an effort to get exercise in instead of using booze to reduce stress.

Even if you do find yourself drinking more than usual, remember to stay hydrated, and as always, never drink and drive. Fatal drunk driving accidents always surge during the holidays, which is one more reason to party smart and safe.

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